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Nudism/naturism is a lifestyle committed to social or public nudity but it is much more than that. Nudists consider themselves in harmony with nature. They place special importance on tolerance and respecting different views. They also respect the environment because they feel a special connection to it. In addition, nudists promote a healthy lifestyle. It is all these characteristics that make nudism a powerful cultural movement based on a shared philosophy.

The nudist lifestyle is incredibly freeing and liberating. It becons a time gone by when times were simpler and at their most basic. Once you try this lifestyle your life will be changed forever. You will feel more open to your true personality and you will experience relaxation and envigoration like you never have before.

To participate in social nudism requires information on how to meet other nudists and what groups and events are available in your area. Maybe you are just entering the naturist lifestyle. You may not know where to start to get this type of information.

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